Dirshu Daf Hayomi B’Halacha starting a new cycle March 23

The Dirshu Daf HaYomi b’Halacha is starting a new cycle this coming Monday with the plan to complete the entire Mishnah Berurah in 7 years.  There are pocket schedules available and Rabbi Reingold will be giving a nightly shiur that will clarify and distill the daily daf of mishnah berurah.   Please see info below (also attached).

For more information and to sign up for monthly tests please contact me or Rabbi Reingold,

Dirshu Mishma Berurah 2015 v1

Dirshu Siyum Meseches Brachos updates

A few things :

  • The Siyum at Shomrei emunah will begin at 5:25 pm.
  • We need more volunteers to help set up at Shomrei and SEHC for Shalosh Seudos.  Please let me know if you are able to help out.  Plan to be at Shomrei/SEHC one hour before mincha.
  • If you are interested in sponsorship and have not informed me  please let me know before Shabbos.
  • Please look at the nice Dirshu Flyer for Yevamos and pass it on to whom may be interested.

All the best,