Masechta Kesubos Bechinas-new format

Hi Chevra,

As you may have noticed there is a new format for the Dirshu tests. Rabbi Reingold is sending via email ~2 questions each day with the answers (5 days per week, 10 questions per week). Please take advantage of this wonderful resource from Rabbi Reingold to test your knowledge daily as you go through Kesubos.

In addition we are planning to send out the entire week of questions (10) at the end of the week in a PDF/Davka file.  This can be used to further test yourself for the 2.5 daf for the week of learning.  If you want to receive the reward write down your answers to these 10 questions and grade yourself. If you score at least 85 you will receive 20.00 dollars. Just let me know your score.