Schedule and Siyum on Meseches Brachos

Dear Chevra,

Here is the schedule for upcoming events.

According to schedule we should be completing Meseches Brachos, Friday January 23.

There will be a one week review/catch up (Jan 25-30) then a Yevamos preparation week (Feb 2-6, Rabbi Reingold will iy”H be giving a prep shiur)

Siyum on Meseches Brachos will be during Shalosh Seudos in two locations – in White Oak at SEHC and in Kemp Mill, likely at Shomrei Emunah, parashas Yisro, Feb 7th- mark your calendar.

Official start date of Yevamos will be Monday February 9 th.

January 2015 calendar will be sent out shortly.

Details regarding the siyum and ordering of Mes Yevamos seforim will be sent out soon.

All the best,